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Product News: Long handle on Ball Valve

The long handle on 1½” and 2” versions provides smooth and easy operation.

Short handles can still be supplied in special production runs for large projects.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Plasson’s Ball Valve is manufactured entirely of high quality, hard-wearing plastics which eliminate the risk of corrosion and remove metal contact with water. The valve is a full bore to minimise head loss. An optional drain port version of the valve allows sampling of potable water systems, monitoring of system pressure and drainage of the line. Plasson’s valve also allows a simple and direct connection to hoses. The valve handle is detachable and the valve can be made tamper-proof by using Plasson’s locking accessory.

Ball valve with long handle

Key Features:

  • Full Bore flow – minimising pressure drop
  • Compliant with AS5830-2 ‘In-line ball valves for use in plumbing water supply systems (plastic-bodied)’
  • Compliant with AS/NZS4020  ‘Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water’
  • PN16 rated
  • Double seal on spindle to prevent leakage
  • Chemical resistant O-Ring
  • Removable handle
  • Handle can be locked off with Plasson’s stainless steel lockable accessory
  • BSP threaded
  • Optional drain port for line testing or draining