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A message from Plasson Australia CEO

Plasson Australia response to the COVID-19 situation



I am writing this email to personally update you on Plasson’s response to the COVID-19 situation, and the precautions we’re taking.

All Plasson warehouses in Australia and our sales operations stay open. We have implemented enhanced hygiene and social distancing controls to protect our staff and customers.

Plasson’s global supply lines remain open, and we have over six months of stock in our local Australian warehouses to meet expected demand.

Our external sales team has been asked to only contact customers via phone or email until further notice. Our sales and technical support team will continue to remain available for urgent product support.

Following international health guidelines, Plasson have implemented a remote work policy which will help to contain the spread of the virus and keep our communities safe.

Plasson is determined to work with our customers to get through this challenging period. If there are things you need from us, please let our customer service team know. We wish good health for you, your families, and your communities.


Yours sincerely,


Joshua Kirton

Chief Executive Officer
PLASSON Australia Pty Ltd