PLASSON Poly-to-Copper compression fittings are specially designed to connect new polyethylene pipe to traditional copper pipe work

These fittings have a copper nut at one end and a black nut at the other.  The copper nut connects to the copper pipe and the black nut to the polyethylene pipe.‍

How to install Poly-to-Copper fittings:

  • Prepare the pipe ends – cut straight, chamfer and lubricate
  • ‍Release copper nut half a turn‍
  • Place a witness mark 6 cms from deburred pipe end on 15mm (1/2”) and 7cms on 20mm (3/4”) copper tube‍
  • Insert lightly lubricated copper pipe until the witness mark on the pipe reaches the end of the nut‍
  • Firmly hand tighten and then a further ¾ turn using spanner or similar‍
  • Repeat process with black nut inserting into polyethylene pipe


PLASSON Poly-to-Copper fittings can be dismantled and reused as often as required but the grip ring MUST be replaced each time

This is to guard against pipe blow out as the teeth must be sharp in order to grip the pipe correctly.  It is not possible to judge it the teeth are sharp enough to maintain a strong grip on the pipe simply by touching it

PLASSON recommends destroying the grip ring so it cannot be reused


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