SIMONA is one of the leading manufacturers of spigots and flanges

SIMONA combines a high level of technical know-how with outstanding process expertise.

World-renown for large-dimension pipe fittings that are fully pressure-resistant, the SIMONA range includes stub flanges, tees and bends.


The range includes bends in sizes d 450/500 mm with extended spigots that can be welded with electrofusion sockets.

SIMONA injection-moulded bends also take up little space when they are installed.

Very good hydraulic properties ensure a high level of efficiency (e.g. acceleration of flow velocity) compared to similar fittings.

Large-size injection-moulded bends are ideal for applications in industry, plant construction, water treatment and mining.


Injection-moulded d 560/630 mm

The range of injection-moulded tees spans d 560 mm and d 630 mm. There are long spigot options for welding with electrofusion sockets – even in the large diameters.

Proven in  water management, plant construction and marine applications.

The range offers solutions for quarrying, infrastructure or cooling systems.

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Hot tapping is also known as wet tapping and it is the process of adding an offtake into a line while the line is still pressurised.  Saddles are often used in hot tapping when welding is impossible for some reason.

Hot tapping saddles have been designed to create branches in under-pressure water and gas supply networks, avoiding the need to cut the supply.

SIMONA Stub Flanges

Injection-moulded d 450 – 630 mm and 800/900 mm

Injection-moulded stub flanges in d 800/900 mm are available with short spigots.

They are ideal for applications in plant construction, quarrying and supply.

In sizes d 450 – 630 mm the stub flanges are also available with long spigots, which makes it possible to perform welding with electrofusion sockets.

The long stub flanges are used primarily in the water treatment sector as well as in mining, quarrying and infrastructure applications.