PLASSON Poly-to-Copper compression fittings are specially designed to connect new polyethylene pipe to traditional copper pipe work

These fittings have a copper nut at one end and a black nut at the other.  The copper nut connects to the copper pipe and the black nut to the polyethylene pipe.‍

How to install Poly-to-Copper fittings:

  • Prepare the pipe ends – cut straight, chamfer and lubricate
  • ‍Release copper nut half a turn‍
  • Place a witness mark 6 cms from deburred pipe end on 15mm (1/2”) and 7cms on 20mm (3/4”) copper tube‍
  • Insert lightly lubricated copper pipe until the witness mark on the pipe reaches the end of the nut‍
  • Firmly hand tighten and then a further ¾ turn using spanner or similar‍
  • Repeat process with black nut inserting into polyethylene pipe

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