Rural compression fittings from PLASSON have captive o-rings for long lasting leak-free joins

PLASSON Rural compression fittings are engineered for Australian conditions

PLASSON came up with a innovative design that changed how compression fittings were engineered back in the 1960’s. It all started with a group of farmers who found they could not rely on the products already in the market to deliver reliable leak-free joins. They set about working up an innovative new design with captive O-rings.

On the other side of the world, one man was frustrated at the water and resource he could see going to waste as he traveled from Campbell Town to Cairns selling pipes and fittings. That man was David Kirton, now Chairman of PLASSON Australia, who took that original design and engineered Australia into it.

The PLASSON metric compression concept has the critical sealing element engineered into a groove inside the fitting. The result is a simple yet smart poly pipe joiner. PLASSON O-rings remain safe, secure and ready to seal at all times, in all conditions, whether being installed for the first time or reinstalled or reconfigured years down the track.

It was a few years down the line that David Kirton saw the potential for PLASSON to develop a range of rural compression fittings right here in Australia, alongside local farmers.

In the 1980s, David was working for Hardie Iplex travelling the length and breadth of Australia selling pipes and fittings. He felt PLASSON’s metric compression fitting design and captive O-rings would deliver long-lasting leak-free connections for Rural Class B poly pipe, coiled pipe and pipe that wasn’t dimensionally accurate.

“I could see some of the existing designs didn’t stay put, others leaked and there were quite a few blow outs happening too. I had a hunch that PLASSON’s metric compression design, which was unique due to captive O-rings and a longer body design, could be put to work to create a game-changing fitting for the rural market.”

“That’s how PLASSON Rural was born. It is a fitting that can be done up hand-tight, no wrench needed, it stays put and can be easily removed, reconfigured and reused to connect both rural or metric pipe – job done.”

The other upside of developing a rural fitting with captive O-rings is that they seal the instant they go on the pipe. With PLASSON Rural you get a water-tight seal before you tighten the nuts and without needing to pick up a wrench!

PLASSON’s ingenious rural fitting design delivers huge flow on benefits. After all, the quicker it is to join pipe or fix a broken connection, the better for your stock and crops.


Instant Sealing

PLASSON rural compression fittings go on the pipe and seal watertight instantly. Our captive O-ring creates a seal before you even tighten the nut. And you don’t need any special tools to install our fittings.  Just do the nuts up firmly by hand and the job is done.


Our rural fittings can be converted to connect to metric poly (blue line), PVC, steel, and copper pipes.

Long Body

The long body on PLASSON fittings ensures the seal will not be affected by bending loads or ground movement.

Pull-out Resistant

All PLASSON fittings exceed the pull-out requirements of Australian Standards making PLASSON ideal for submersible bore jobs.