PLASSON revolutionized the way polyethylene pipes were connected in the 1960’s. We started with agricultural irrigation fittings and then solutions for urban water distribution. No matter what the job, you can rely on our superior product design, wide range of fittings and genuine commitment to quality and service.

While many fittings look similar, the engineering inside a coupler, tee or saddle may vary considerably between brands. PLASSON fittings are engineered differently to deliver reliable PE pipelines that are long-lasting, tough and leak-free.

PLASSON takes simple ideas seriously.  This philosophy has helped us develop some of the best fittings on the market. We also believe it is important to take the time to show customers how our product works, what goes on inside them and to share tips on how to get the most from a fitting are a key part of supporting those who join with us.

One of the most popular methods of joining poly pipe is with compression fittings.  These are tough, light-weight black fittings with nuts that you do up to connect pipe in the configurations you need.

All compression fittings seal through an internal O-ring being compressed to create a seal between the fitting body and the pipe. There is a surprisingly vast range of poly pipe compression fittings. Even the most familiar options, like couplers, tees and elbows, have a range of reducing and connection options that can take some time to understand.

While pipe fittings or connectors attach one pipe to another in order to lengthen the run or change the flow direction in a plumbing system, there are also lots of clever fittings that do so much more to make plumbing life easier. They can combine, divert or reduce the flow of the water supply. They can monitor flow or stop it, reduce pressure and provide outlets for sampling.

PLASSON compression fittings have a number of unique features that help deliver leak-free connections and reliable, long-life PE pipelines.

Compression fittings come in a range of standard sizes. PLASSON compression fittings start small for domestic plumbing at 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm and continue up to civil and industrial sizes like 40mm, 50mm, 63mm and right up there to above 1000mm.

All PLASSON compression fittings seal the instant they go on the pipe due to an innovative O-ring design.  The O-ring is held captive in the body of the fitting in a specially designed groove. This simple piece of engineering means the O-Ring can’t fall out, get contaminated or become easily damaged like other compression fittings

While most have openings of the same size on each end, some fittings are designed with different-sized openings and serve as the transition from one size pipe to another. The following briefly explains some of the different PLASSON fittings, where and how they are used.

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Tee Fittings & Wye Fittings

Tees and wyes are used to connect three pieces of pipe. Tees can have one inlet and two outlets at 90-degree angles in the shape of a “T” and are used to split a supply line, or they can combine two lines into one outlet. You often see tee fittings connected to potable water supply lines. A wye is shaped like a “Y” with the two inlets coming together at roughly 45-degrees into a single outlet in drain applications.

Elbow Fittings

Elbows change the direction of flow between two pipes. Common elbows have 90-, 60-, 45- and 22 ½-degree bends and are used to make a turn. They can be joined together to move around obstructions in a pipe run.

Coupling & Adaptor Fittings

Pipe couplers slip over the outside of two pipes to connect them. A coupling can be a reducer, or reducing coupling, meaning they reduce flow by joining a larger pipe to a smaller size. Adaptors are used when connecting two pipes of different types. For example, an adaptor could be fitted on the end of a plain pipe to allow a threaded connection at the other side of the adaptor, or to connect poly pipe with another pipe material, like copper.

Cap Fittings

A cap fits over the end of a pipe to stop the flow of water or gas. These fittings can be used for the permanent termination point of a pipe or used temporarily to cut off supply during a plumbing or pipeline project.

Plug Fittings

Plugs used at the end of a pipe to seal the opening, similar to a cap. The difference is that a plug fits into the threaded pipe opening to make the seal while caps fit over the opening. They are commonly found at cleanout locations for sewer systems.

Bushing Fittings

Bushings, sometimes called reducer bushings, are used for connecting two pipes of different sizes. The larger diameter of the bushing fits inside of the larger pipe. The smaller pipe is then inserted into the smaller end of the bushing.

Nipple Fittings

Nipples are short sections of pipe that are male-threaded at each end and used for connecting two female-threaded pipe ends or fittings.D

Flange Fittings

A flange is a flat, round fitting that creates a tight seal with bolts or clamps. They are used when pipes pass through walls, ceilings and floors. They are also used in electrofusion installations to connect valves to main lines.

Ag Pipe Fittings

Agricultural pipe is widely used for stock watering, water mains, irrigation systems and bore water reticulation. PLASSON rural couplings and clamp saddles are specially designed to connect imperial-size polyethylene pipes from ¾” to 2″. The range is compatible with PELD, PEHD, PE40, PE80 and PE100 pipes complying with AS/NZS 4130. PLASSON’s special red barbed inserts fit a range of pipe dimensions so that ag pipe can be easily connected without the need for any tools.

The PLASSON range includes solutions for most plumbing situations. You can take a look at the catalogue for the full range here….

Our experience has show us it is crucial to have solutions that work in the real world.  PLASSON fittings have been proving their worth in “field trials” around Australia for over 45 years.  We stand behind our product 100%.

Our talented crew includes tradies, the mechanically-mined and qualified engineers.  PLASSON offers specialized solutions for a variety of fields and we’re happy to share our knowledge, skills and insights to help you find products that deliver.

Demonstrating how our products work and offering insights on how to get the most from them is one way we support those who join with us.  If you need technical advice, marketing or training for your team just reach out.

When the job calls for flexible fittings that can withstand a range of conditions, pressures and aggressive fluids, connect with PLASSON. All our range is engineered to work in hot and cold climates and we have solutions for residential and commercial plumbing as well as irrigation, civil and industrial pipelines.