PLASSON’s range of poly pipe fittings can help you complete any irrigation project. PLASSON fittings are high quality, UV stablised and corrosion-free to deliver leak-free watering systems that last. Our metric compression fittings up to 63mm also feature captive O-rings which seal the instant the fitting goes on the pipe – which can save both time and water during install.

PLASSON’s unique captive O-rings and longer body design help you achieve long lasting, leak-free poly pipe joins, even in tough install conditions and in both hot and cold climates.

The metric compression fitting range offers reliable options for joining blue stripe poly pipe as well as lilac pipe for recycled water.

PLASSON’s Rural range has been specially engineered to join ag green stripe pipe. The innovative red barbed ends allow PLASSON Rural poly pipe joiners to connect both metric and imperial dimension pipe.


PLASSON’s Quick Coupling Valve delivers easy control of pressurized water with a simple valve and key system.

This system can be installed almost anywhere with no power needed and no software required to make it work.  Just plug in the key, the valve is activated and water flows. Unplug the key, the valve closes and flow is switched off.

PLASSON also offers a lilac cap QVC for grey water and recycled water systems.

Increasingly, recycled water is now supplied to homes and businesses through purple pipes. These pipes supply water for flushing toilets, washing clothes and outdoor uses such as watering gardens in homes and businesses. The lilac cap QCV is designed to connect to recycled water supply to provide safe and secure connections for garden watering equipment, like sprinklers and hoses, as well as other irrigation tools.

PLASSON has always been a leading innovator – it was our technology that helped give the world the dual flush toilet cistern!

We are committed to providing a world-leading range of poly pipe joiners that deliver reliable. long-lasting PE pipelines.

PLASSON has always been a leading innovator – it was our technology that gave the world the dual flush toilet cistern!

We are committed to providing a world-leading range of poly pipe joiners that deliver reliable. long-lasting PE pipelines.

PLASSON products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyance systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.


How PLASSON compression fittings work is a bit of a yarn that starts way back in 1896. Unless you are a trivia junkie, it will probably come as news that one of the most critical precision mechanical components ever developed was patented on May 12, 1896. That was when a Swedish patent for the O-ring was awarded to J.O. Lundberg.  Niels A. Christensen was granted a US patent for his O-ring design in 1937.

Like all good ideas, it came to the attention of some pretty big players.  The O-ring quickly became the standard seal for hydraulics in the military.  The top brass set out the standard sizes and basic design guidelines that remain in use today.

The humble O-ring delivers a reliable seal through compression and that is why PE pipe joiners that seal via O-rings are described as compression fittings.

PLASSON seals due to a simple solution

PLASSON took the original O-ring from 1896 and did something simple but clever with it.  By placing the O-ring into a special groove machined into the inside of each fitting, the PLASSON O-ring is always in the optimum position for sealing.

This innovative design means the fitting seals water-tight as soon as the pipe passes through the O-ring.  With PLASSON compression fittings, you only tighten the nut to prevent the pipe and fitting from moving apart, or blowing out, under pressure. The design also means the O-Ring can’t fall out and be damaged, contaminated or lost during installation.

The O-ring is a donut-shaped ring (technically, a toroid) with a circular cross section made from different elastomers.

PLASSON compression fittings can have Nitrile NBR O-rings or EPDM O-rings, which has a better chemical resistance than NBR, or Vitron seals, which offer better chemical resistance than EPDM.

The name Viton is a trademark and refers to fluorocarbon O-rings, or FKM/FPM for short. This material has an excellent tolerance for high temperatures, resistance to oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids as well as aromatics and solvents.

O-rings seal by mechanical deformation (caused by compression) which creates a barrier to a fluid’s potential leak path between two closely mated surfaces.

Applying fluid pressure pushes the O-ring against the groove wall on the low-pressure side, increasing the sealing force. At higher pressures, the O-ring deforms to a “D” shape, increasing the contact area further.


The range of PLASSON compression fittings includes small 16mm and popular residential plumbing fittings at 20mm, 25mm and 32mm right up to large 63mm couplers for civil water and waste water pipelines.

PLASSON compression fittings are easy to install – just take a look at our install video:


Who doesn’t want simple and cost-effective control of their water… life is complicated enough as it is! That’s why PLASSON developed the

Quick Coupling ValveThis handy device allows pressurized water to be turned off and on with a simple click in key.

Plasson Quick Coupling Valve for cost-effective irrigation

Usually installed at ground level, the QCV internal valve is normally closed so water does not leak out. The valve is activated by lifting the flipcap and inserting the “KEY”. On top of the key you can insert a sprinkler or a hose.

QCV’s deliver cost-effective irrigation and stock watering without complicated systems or software.

Click here to watch our simple install video…

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